Wednesday, February 28, 2007

One down

I didn't finish ALL my UFOs but I did finish one. These alpaca armwarmers will be sent off to their recipient to be enjoyed in whatever is left of winter. Although they look small on me, they will fit her better as she is a tiny wisp of a woman.

I am close to finishing one of my own armwarmers as well and did succeed in not casting anything on during Feb. Other projects, like unfinished Branching Out, stayed in my knitting bag all month.

Thanks for this project! It really kept my knitting time focused on projects I needed to finish. Now if only I can keep that focus AND make more time for knitting in March!

Updated: One? I totally finished more that one! I forgot about all the ends I wove in (3 scarves worth) and blocking of one of those scarves. All the things I finished were for other people and all the ones that remain to be finished are for myself so I am happy about that as well. I am actually gifting one of those scarves tonight so it is REALLY finished!

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