Friday, February 2, 2007


I'm Ms. Knotty and am one of those people who really doesn't get excited about finishing my work, but I've found the better at it I get the less I dread it. I also am more likely to complete something when I weave in the ends when I've completed the section I'm working on, rather than waiting until the end!

Anyhow, here is the list of things I hope to complete during NaKniSewMo:
  • White sweater for my sister (completed yesterday as first challenge)
  • Sock for Mr. Knotty (it's out of some scratchy acrylic that I really don't enjoy working with so I keep putting it off. The yarn selection was necessary due to his clothes washing techniques.)
  • Sewing seams on dress for Miss Knotty's Easter dress (a.k.a. "The dress that never ends")
  • Sewing seams on bolero for Miss Knotty (goes with Easter dress)
    Completing the cranberry sweater for myself that I started 2 years ago
  • Completing or deciding to frog and start over the ribbon bag that I started a few years back
  • Doing a better job of weaving seams and then sewing a snap on the Anouk I made Miss K last year. I really hope she can still wear it this spring.
  • Yellow short sleeve sweater I started 3 years ago. It's in the closet just hanging there on a stitch-holder.

I think that's everything but I may have to add to this post :-0 Let's hope not!

In addition to all of this I'm also doing my own stash-a-long and would love for anyone interested to please join me. You can also visit my blog at Knotty and Nice

Looking forward to seeing who else is completing things this month!

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