Sunday, February 11, 2007

whew, atleast I have one February project finished.

Hah, in the last picture I look like the captain of a ship. As a general rule, I think ponchos can make full figured women look fat! That being said, I still love making them and I love wearing them because unlike shawls, they tend to stay on easily, and unlike capelets, my arms have still have a full range of movement.

The thing I liked best about this project was that it worked up quickly. It also required minimal finishing, and required no brain power whatsover. It practically knit itself. The original project was in wool (from Weekend Knitting), but I used a cotton alpalca blend, because I already have a poncho (made out of a merino-mohair blend) and given the warm climate of Macon, I knew I needed something more light weight.

At first, I hated this project. It felt like a let down to work on it after working on the Clapotis. Although the Clapotis was simple had enough pattern variation to keep it interesting, also the colors where bright whereas the gray was sort of drab in comparison. But I would say if you are looking for a quick easy poncho this one will do nicely. The cables are simple to make, and I think it looks more complicated than it is. It has the added bonus of being lightweight and neutral which means I can probably wear it year round.

Also since the majority of it was knit while I was traveling from Macon to Clearwater, FL. it really was as Melanie Falick promised a perfect car trip project. Originally, my goal with this group was to not start anything new in February. I broke down yesterday, and cast on for a quickie (it's for a cover for a hot water bottle).

I am still working on my two big projects a lace shawl and cushion covers. Boring! So I am glad I got this off the needles.

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