Sunday, February 18, 2007

I've finished!

I wanted to shout but it's not good etiquette! ;-) Rejoice with me - the ends are finished, all 2200+ of them.

I did knit all (or most) of my ends in as I was going but as the patches were small and the ends in some cases were less than 2 inches in length I was a little scared they would unravel (it's loose tension) so I sewed them all back on themselves. Not to mention all the nasty ends that kept wiggling their way through to the front of the work!

Photos will be posted on my blog some time later today when DH gets home from work to take them. (It's Monday morning here in Sydney, Australia) Here's one I prepared earlier, a close up of the right side of the work (before the ends were sewn in)

And more good news...I've also finished the teddy that I was working on! Yeah for me, two projects down, hip, hip, hooray! (Sorry, I'm just a bit excited)

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