Thursday, February 15, 2007

On the road to finishville

Seems like most things are moving in a forward direction at least. I'll update the original list:

1.The Seamless Hybrid- sleeves have been cast on and are in progress now. I can't say how many times I had to do the provisional cast on to get the right number of stitches. Then getting them onto their two circs was a comedy of errors so I finally settled on double magic looping them to save myself from pulling out all of my hair.

2.Rutelilje- the body is finished and I steeked her today, a totally nauseating experience let me tell you. First I did some deep breating sitting at the sewing machine. Then I sewed one side and sat and cried a little bit. Once I had it all sewed and made the first cut I sat with my head between my knees for a bit to get the room to stop spinning. In then end it steeked fine and didn't disintegrate into a pile of Baby Ull scraps on the floor so that's a good sign. I'm working on picking up stitches to knit on the button bands now. I think once that's done I'll get some grosgrain ribbon to cover the cut edges and neaten up the inside some.

3. Mom's socks- done and gifted!

4. Dad's socks- still haven't cast on the second sock.

5. Fleece Artist Thrummed Mitts- done and in action. They came out great and they're super warm, I love them with all my heart. I may add a silly string though because I dont want to lose them.

6. The Cowl of Doom- it's blocked and seamed but is having neckline issues. It grew in blocking, it's really long so it may need a trip through the dryer to bring it up to an acceptable length. If it doesn't shrink I'll still wear it but it's more tunicish than I wanted but the fabric is so nice and soft I won't consider hiding this in the back of my closet. The cowl may get scrapped for a short ribbed neck, I need my Denny to advise me before I do anything rash though.

7. Lady Eleanor- I picked her back up and have knit one triangle and one rectangle since yesterday so I'm using her to break up the monotony of knitting two huge sleeves at the same time.

So two out of seven done and two more very close to being finished, not bad for mid-month I think.

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