Thursday, March 1, 2007

the finish of the finish

This has been fantastic, guys! I'm going to figure out some kind of symbol to mark those of us who finished all our projects this month (not me, I'm afraid!) So let me know if you're earning your big 'F' for finishing!

I'm pretty sure that I'll need this again next year, so don't worry too much if you slip into old habits...I'll be there right along with you, avoiding sewing.

four for seven is better than half bad right?

Or is it five? I set out to work on Lady E, not finish her, so I suppose she's one for the record books too. I finished the collar on the not-so-cowl of doom last night, a nice roll neck that I'm really happy with. I'm wearing it right now but haven't had decent light or anyone to take a pic yet so I should be back to post that tomorrow sometime. It's nothing like the pattern picture led me to believe it would be (seriously, who photographs a sweater with the model's arms crossed over her chest?) but I love it anyway, the fit is really flattering. Many thanks to the ladies at SnB for assuring me that it would be fine when I was sure it would be better off in a pile of crinkly yarn on the shop floor.

The FA mitts, mom socks and Rutelilje were my other FO's for the KAL with the seamless hybrid, dad's socks and Lady E still on the needles. I am proud though that I didn't work on anything but the items on my list for the whole month, not even an errant swatch!

This has been great!

What a wonderful way to motivate us to get to those UFOs! I now realize that all I have to do is apply a little time and Voila! magically those projects seem to finish themselves. Thanks for hosting such a productive KAL.

A sad finish to the month!

Back at the beginning, I said I was going to finish three items in February: a wrap (with 2200+ ends to sew in), a teddy and a cardigan. The wrap and the teddy are finished. The cardigan is a very sad story.

Western Sydney has had heavy thunderstorms every day for the past week. That means the natural light is not very good. The cardigan in question is a dark colour (navy blue) so I have procrastinated.

On Tuesday, two days before the end of National Knitting Sew-up Month, I pulled the cardigan out of storage. I was determined I was going to finish that cardigan whatever the weather. I carefully pulled out each piece, the back, the right front, the left front, one sleeve - all looking good. I pulled out the second sleeve and there it was - a hole so large I could pass a ping pong ball through it! :-( Some nasty, wool-loving insects had a feast on my sleeve despite my precautions.

So I have struck out - the month is over and I have not finished! (sigh) However, at midnight on 28 February, I was only 40 rows (1760 stitches plus bind-off) short of completing a wrap (70in x 40in) - those nasty little insects don't eat acrylic! (one thing in its favour!)

Thanks, Aleta, for putting this KAL together. Maybe we can do it again next year - or maybe we've all developed new habits of finishing for 30 minutes before knitting! :-) Fellow-finishers, I bid you adieu, drop by and visit my blog sometime!

PS If you drop by now you can read the expanded version of this story - The Cardigan That Never Was (Part I)