Monday, January 29, 2007

I am showing my commitment to the KAL by finishing a sock from my list BEFORE February! Here it is! Can you smell that, ladies....? That's the smell of pen ink crossing something off a list!

Here's my list....

Hi there! Love the idea! I have chronic startitis so have a lot of finishing to do this month including...

1) Weaving in the ends on 2 scarves. (One was a birthday present from September.)
2) Block and gift an alpaca scarf. (I wove the ends in last night!)
3) Knitting the second of a pair of arm warmers that should have been gifted over a month ago.
4) Turning the heel of the sock I started during Socktoberfest. (I hate the yarn so I am only knitting the one sock to learn before trying real ones with good yarn.)
5) Finish my Branching Out Scarf. I don't even remember when I started this.
6) Finishing the first and knitting the second of a pair of arm warmers for myself (these were just started this month though).

These are all pretty small projects. Very finish-able for the next month. Right?
Once they are done, and only when they are done will I cast on for my first ever sweater!

Cleanup time

Looks like I've had some serious alien activity going on around here with all the UFO's hanging around my knitting space. Like our loverly hostess I too have a big stack of projects I'm hoping to get done in the coming month. Looking at all this seems really strange as I don't often have more than two projects on the go at a time, not sure what happened here but it's time for some cleanup obviously.

1.EZ Seamless Hybrid sweater for DH- this was supposed to be his Christmas gift, it needs sleeves and the yoke knit, the body is done (this is a sweater for a 6' tall man with a 52" chest and long arms, this a marathon knit so give me some slack)
2. Ribby sock for Mom- her Christmas gift, one sock is done so it needs a mate
3. Boring Man Sock for Dad- again this was supposed to be his gift, needs a mate
4. Rutelilje from Dale Baby #129- a shower gift (the shower was 2 weeks ago) for a baby to be, needs a few inches on the body, steeks cut and button bands knit on
5. Fleece Artist Thrummed Mitts pour moi- one down, one to go (I'm putting this as priority #5 but I'm pretty sure they'll be the first thing I finish) baby it's cold outside!
6. Cowl sweater from Jo Sharp Knit mag- also for me, needs one sleeve, seaming and the collar knit
7. Lady Eleanor from Scarf Style- mine too, this will be the gravy knit and isn't really a priority at all but I would like to commit to moving it in a forward direction this month, maybe I'll knit a square a day or something to break up everything else, In no way do I expect to be wearing this by the 28th.

We'll see how I do with all this.

Note to Rocketbride: if you should catch me knitting something other than what's on this list you have permission to spank me with sock yarn

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Count me in!

What a good idea for a KAL. It works in harmony with my NY resolution not to cast on anything until I have completed all WIPs/UFOs and my other KAL - Stashalong.

I particularly like the rule of not knitting until I have done at least half an hour of finishing; what a great way to push myself!

So here is my list of UFOs awaiting finishing:

1. teddy (for charity)
- needs a face embroidered, some arms, sewing and stuffing; doesn't look much now but wait and see

2. cardigan - seaming and blocking needed (no photos sorry)

3. wrap/afghan (for charity)
- as you can see, the ends need sewing in

I have three other projects on the needles that may be finished in February:
two wraps/afghans (for charity) and a jumper (sweater)

More details on my blog.

Thanks Shansays for sharing the news about this KAL. Thanks Rocketbride for inviting this Aussie to join! :-)


This is a great idea! I have limited myself to three concurrent projects.
  • I get easily confused with too many going on.
  • Each project represent another milestone for me, i.e., something I wanted to learn.
  • I lose the patterns in my craft room, or the dog ate them.
If I finish one in February, I can start another!!
Why haven't I finished this poncho? I am looking for a border.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

list of shame

...or, you know, mild self-disapproval.

  1. Blake's Accordion sweater (needs a zipper)
  2. Blake's robot (all assembly required)
  3. Palaver Doll (needs hair, glasses, stuffing, and legs)
  4. Tintinito mittens (facial embroidery, i-chain)
  5. Basic Cardigan (seaming)
  6. Secret Design Project (sewing, felting, more sewing)
  7. Mother Bear (facial embroidery, sewing final seam & scarf)
  8. Kid's ski touque (top gathering & pom pom)
Two a week should just about cover it. Yeee-ikes.

I love it!

What a wonderful idea. In January, I joined the Stashalong gang to try to rein in my purchases, but since then I have been on line almost every day obsessing over starting another pattern. I feel like a total online junkie. I am thrilled to join this group and dedicate myself to actually completing something.

I have 3 perfectly good projects on the needles already.

1. Meadows Flowers Shawl from Knitter's Stash

2. Mini Cabled Cardigan from Weekend Knitting

3. And cushion covers for the chairs in my office (which I haven't worked on in over 2 months).

My intent is to work on these three projects ONLY for the next month. I will not cast on anything new, and I am not going to even look at any new patterns until I have completed at least one project.

I have been keeping the Mini Cable Poncho as a train, car trip, tv project because there is no shaping and it's only a four repeat, but if by mid-February it's not finished I will commit to working only on it so that I have at least one project done by the end of the month.

Thanks, I will be checking in ofter for moral support.

Get This off my Back!

I started this over a year ago, and got bored because it was a little too simple (and boring) to keep me entertained when other, more interesting projects came along. It is for my 5 year old daughter, so I can't procrastinate forever or I will have to find a smaller child to give it to.

I have finally responded to the nagging voices in my head to finish it, and two days ago, I finished knitting the pieces. Now I just have to sew it together and do the neckline and zipper.
Thanks for the Knit along, because it may have sat around for another year to finish, but now that I've shown everyone, I have my pride at stake!
More finished and unfinished knits at my blog, Yarn Paper Scissors.

Fulfilling Those New Year's Resolutions

Thanks for asking me to join this KAL. I started 2007 with plans to finish some UFOs (in my January 1 post at, but all I've managed to do was generate a few more. I finished two scarves, and neither has its ends woven in, nor been blocked.

The orange is from Scarf Style, and it is knitted from Debbie Bliss' Alpaca DK, and the blue one is from yarn purchased at Rhinebeck in 2006. It is from Brooks Farm, and the yarn was a show special (Acera: wool, silk, vicose). The pattern is a Myrna Stahman seaman's scarf. I enjoyed knitting both, and I've just put off blocking them. I guess they'll take no more than 2 hours each to finish.

The sweater I'm really hoping to complete for this KAL is this one:

I've described it in my blog post. It is knitted from Rowan's Magpie, which I think is a discontinued yarn, and the obstacle has been the buttonholes. I have never made buttonholes as the pattern suggests, and I want to. I know there is an on-line knitting video that shows them, but my computer is not located where I knit, so I've dragged my feet about finishing this one for more than a year. I'm guessing it will take only around 7 hours to finish.

And if I can manage it, I'd really like to get this sweater done.

It has been a UFO for more years than I recall. It is also described in my blog post. There are several obstacles. First, I want to frog the shoulders so that I can replace them with short rows and reassemble them using a three-needle bindoff.

Second, I think I'm running out of the main-body yarn. That is not much of a problem because all that is left is the seams, and I can do them either in the dark green that is part of the trim or from some similar Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride that I just ordered from Patternworks and received. Third, it is hard for me to work on this dark color at night, when I do most of my knitting, and so I will need daylight hours. I'm thinking that Superbowl Sunday (since I'm not a football fan and DH and DS are) might be a great time to work on it.

I have two other February projects--a shawl and a sweater for DH. I don't consider them UFOs because I'm working steadily on them. And so if the projects I've described are finished in February too, I'll feel very satisfied indeed. [That leaves two more UFOs, but one is in Cotton Fleece and is earmarked for a summer project; the other may be frogged completely and reknit as something else.]

So I'm looking forward to your words of encouragement, so I can get off my rear and get these done!

Please note that I use Mac's Safari browser, and Blogger doesn't give me the ability to use links. I know I can download Firefox and get all of Blogger's options, but I'd rather fuss with these UFOs for now. So link references will be a bit "clunky".

Friday, January 26, 2007

Just joined!

Yay. This is a great idea for a KAL. On my list to finish in February:
  1. Heartbreakingly cute baby kimono
  2. damn socks v.2
  3. jaywalker socks
  4. Henry Rollins doll I started 2 years ago
  5. Nephew's mittens
Let's see if this is even remotely possible!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

my rules

Please feel free to modify these rules to suit your own circumstances.

  1. I cannot cast on for a new project until at least one UnFinished Object has been completely finished.
  2. When it is "knitting time" at home, I must spend at least one half-hour finishing before I start knitting.
  3. Out-of-house knitting is exempt, except for knit-centric gatherings (stitch n' bitches, pub knitting, knitting circles), during which rule 2 will apply.
  4. I will enjoy myself and strive to remember at all times that this is my hobby, not a life sentence busting rocks.

manifesto of sorts

This KAL is for knitters like me who like knitting way more than they like finishing. (Sewing and embroidery in particular make me more of a procrastinator than usual.) In the spirit of NaNoWriMo (which my husband completed in 2001 when he was unemployed), I declare that the shortest month of the year shall be for the finishing of projects that have stacked up due to this unfortunate tendency.

We call it National Knitting Sew-up Month, or NaKniSewMo.

I have yet to think up rules for this KAL, which is why this is only the most tentative of manifestos. But I have 6 more days to work it out.