Saturday, January 27, 2007

list of shame

...or, you know, mild self-disapproval.

  1. Blake's Accordion sweater (needs a zipper)
  2. Blake's robot (all assembly required)
  3. Palaver Doll (needs hair, glasses, stuffing, and legs)
  4. Tintinito mittens (facial embroidery, i-chain)
  5. Basic Cardigan (seaming)
  6. Secret Design Project (sewing, felting, more sewing)
  7. Mother Bear (facial embroidery, sewing final seam & scarf)
  8. Kid's ski touque (top gathering & pom pom)
Two a week should just about cover it. Yeee-ikes.


Marjorie said...

That seems pretty ambitious to me. But if you can do it, maybe I can too.

Rocketbride said...

i also have two projects to frog, but i like frogging. i also didn't mention the three socks that need darning or the skirt that needs a seam. repair work may be for march.

shansays said...

I like frogging, too. In fact, I have found it is a really great way to get out of finishing:)