Saturday, January 27, 2007

Fulfilling Those New Year's Resolutions

Thanks for asking me to join this KAL. I started 2007 with plans to finish some UFOs (in my January 1 post at, but all I've managed to do was generate a few more. I finished two scarves, and neither has its ends woven in, nor been blocked.

The orange is from Scarf Style, and it is knitted from Debbie Bliss' Alpaca DK, and the blue one is from yarn purchased at Rhinebeck in 2006. It is from Brooks Farm, and the yarn was a show special (Acera: wool, silk, vicose). The pattern is a Myrna Stahman seaman's scarf. I enjoyed knitting both, and I've just put off blocking them. I guess they'll take no more than 2 hours each to finish.

The sweater I'm really hoping to complete for this KAL is this one:

I've described it in my blog post. It is knitted from Rowan's Magpie, which I think is a discontinued yarn, and the obstacle has been the buttonholes. I have never made buttonholes as the pattern suggests, and I want to. I know there is an on-line knitting video that shows them, but my computer is not located where I knit, so I've dragged my feet about finishing this one for more than a year. I'm guessing it will take only around 7 hours to finish.

And if I can manage it, I'd really like to get this sweater done.

It has been a UFO for more years than I recall. It is also described in my blog post. There are several obstacles. First, I want to frog the shoulders so that I can replace them with short rows and reassemble them using a three-needle bindoff.

Second, I think I'm running out of the main-body yarn. That is not much of a problem because all that is left is the seams, and I can do them either in the dark green that is part of the trim or from some similar Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride that I just ordered from Patternworks and received. Third, it is hard for me to work on this dark color at night, when I do most of my knitting, and so I will need daylight hours. I'm thinking that Superbowl Sunday (since I'm not a football fan and DH and DS are) might be a great time to work on it.

I have two other February projects--a shawl and a sweater for DH. I don't consider them UFOs because I'm working steadily on them. And so if the projects I've described are finished in February too, I'll feel very satisfied indeed. [That leaves two more UFOs, but one is in Cotton Fleece and is earmarked for a summer project; the other may be frogged completely and reknit as something else.]

So I'm looking forward to your words of encouragement, so I can get off my rear and get these done!

Please note that I use Mac's Safari browser, and Blogger doesn't give me the ability to use links. I know I can download Firefox and get all of Blogger's options, but I'd rather fuss with these UFOs for now. So link references will be a bit "clunky".

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Cindy said...

You can do it! Your projects are beautiful. Think of the sense of satisfaction you will get when they are done!