Monday, January 29, 2007

Here's my list....

Hi there! Love the idea! I have chronic startitis so have a lot of finishing to do this month including...

1) Weaving in the ends on 2 scarves. (One was a birthday present from September.)
2) Block and gift an alpaca scarf. (I wove the ends in last night!)
3) Knitting the second of a pair of arm warmers that should have been gifted over a month ago.
4) Turning the heel of the sock I started during Socktoberfest. (I hate the yarn so I am only knitting the one sock to learn before trying real ones with good yarn.)
5) Finish my Branching Out Scarf. I don't even remember when I started this.
6) Finishing the first and knitting the second of a pair of arm warmers for myself (these were just started this month though).

These are all pretty small projects. Very finish-able for the next month. Right?
Once they are done, and only when they are done will I cast on for my first ever sweater!

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