Monday, January 29, 2007

Cleanup time

Looks like I've had some serious alien activity going on around here with all the UFO's hanging around my knitting space. Like our loverly hostess I too have a big stack of projects I'm hoping to get done in the coming month. Looking at all this seems really strange as I don't often have more than two projects on the go at a time, not sure what happened here but it's time for some cleanup obviously.

1.EZ Seamless Hybrid sweater for DH- this was supposed to be his Christmas gift, it needs sleeves and the yoke knit, the body is done (this is a sweater for a 6' tall man with a 52" chest and long arms, this a marathon knit so give me some slack)
2. Ribby sock for Mom- her Christmas gift, one sock is done so it needs a mate
3. Boring Man Sock for Dad- again this was supposed to be his gift, needs a mate
4. Rutelilje from Dale Baby #129- a shower gift (the shower was 2 weeks ago) for a baby to be, needs a few inches on the body, steeks cut and button bands knit on
5. Fleece Artist Thrummed Mitts pour moi- one down, one to go (I'm putting this as priority #5 but I'm pretty sure they'll be the first thing I finish) baby it's cold outside!
6. Cowl sweater from Jo Sharp Knit mag- also for me, needs one sleeve, seaming and the collar knit
7. Lady Eleanor from Scarf Style- mine too, this will be the gravy knit and isn't really a priority at all but I would like to commit to moving it in a forward direction this month, maybe I'll knit a square a day or something to break up everything else, In no way do I expect to be wearing this by the 28th.

We'll see how I do with all this.

Note to Rocketbride: if you should catch me knitting something other than what's on this list you have permission to spank me with sock yarn

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Rocketbride said...

your sock yarn or mine? ;P