Thursday, January 25, 2007

my rules

Please feel free to modify these rules to suit your own circumstances.

  1. I cannot cast on for a new project until at least one UnFinished Object has been completely finished.
  2. When it is "knitting time" at home, I must spend at least one half-hour finishing before I start knitting.
  3. Out-of-house knitting is exempt, except for knit-centric gatherings (stitch n' bitches, pub knitting, knitting circles), during which rule 2 will apply.
  4. I will enjoy myself and strive to remember at all times that this is my hobby, not a life sentence busting rocks.


Pam said...

Ugh, count me in! I have like 3 WIP's that are WAY overdue for finishing!

Marjorie said...

Does this include tucking in the ends on "finished" scarves and blocking them? If so, count me in