Sunday, January 28, 2007

Count me in!

What a good idea for a KAL. It works in harmony with my NY resolution not to cast on anything until I have completed all WIPs/UFOs and my other KAL - Stashalong.

I particularly like the rule of not knitting until I have done at least half an hour of finishing; what a great way to push myself!

So here is my list of UFOs awaiting finishing:

1. teddy (for charity)
- needs a face embroidered, some arms, sewing and stuffing; doesn't look much now but wait and see

2. cardigan - seaming and blocking needed (no photos sorry)

3. wrap/afghan (for charity)
- as you can see, the ends need sewing in

I have three other projects on the needles that may be finished in February:
two wraps/afghans (for charity) and a jumper (sweater)

More details on my blog.

Thanks Shansays for sharing the news about this KAL. Thanks Rocketbride for inviting this Aussie to join! :-)


Rocketbride said...

we'll be finishing the same teddy this month! groovy! mine just needs a face, a final seam and the scarf sewn on. why is it taking me this long? i. don't. know.

Lynne said...

For me it's embroidering the face. I love embroidery but the knit background is not so easy to work on!

Lick My Sticks said...

The ends on that blanket just made me cry a little bit. Good luck!