Thursday, March 1, 2007

A sad finish to the month!

Back at the beginning, I said I was going to finish three items in February: a wrap (with 2200+ ends to sew in), a teddy and a cardigan. The wrap and the teddy are finished. The cardigan is a very sad story.

Western Sydney has had heavy thunderstorms every day for the past week. That means the natural light is not very good. The cardigan in question is a dark colour (navy blue) so I have procrastinated.

On Tuesday, two days before the end of National Knitting Sew-up Month, I pulled the cardigan out of storage. I was determined I was going to finish that cardigan whatever the weather. I carefully pulled out each piece, the back, the right front, the left front, one sleeve - all looking good. I pulled out the second sleeve and there it was - a hole so large I could pass a ping pong ball through it! :-( Some nasty, wool-loving insects had a feast on my sleeve despite my precautions.

So I have struck out - the month is over and I have not finished! (sigh) However, at midnight on 28 February, I was only 40 rows (1760 stitches plus bind-off) short of completing a wrap (70in x 40in) - those nasty little insects don't eat acrylic! (one thing in its favour!)

Thanks, Aleta, for putting this KAL together. Maybe we can do it again next year - or maybe we've all developed new habits of finishing for 30 minutes before knitting! :-) Fellow-finishers, I bid you adieu, drop by and visit my blog sometime!

PS If you drop by now you can read the expanded version of this story - The Cardigan That Never Was (Part I)


Ms. Knotty said...

That is heartbreaking! Congrats on what you did finish!

Rocketbride said...

deadly! what a disappointment.