Sunday, February 11, 2007

Newbie here

I just started a blog, and I have to say I feel so old (I'm stumbling through the process). Anyway, surfing around I found the link to this one the other day, and since I had just finished two of the four projects I'm shooting for this month, I'd say it's serendipitous!

The cloche
is made out of Blue Sky cotton

and this hat... is made out a very soft yarn. It's been years since I started it (shame, shame), and I set it down because I didn't like the way the top rim puckered. I can't find the original pattern, and I have a tendency to modify every pattern I use (which I vaguely remember doing with this one). I originally made it for my niece, and her birthday is coming around again, so maybe she won't notice?

I'm not a big frogger in any case. I like the planning and starting out parts best (hence the four (ouch) boxes of UFOs sitting in my yarn closet).

Since I haven't figured out how to cross-post from my blog yet, I used the old standby Ctrl-C. Pictures and links - no problem; buttons - still working on it...

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