Monday, February 26, 2007

Status Report

Well it’s the third last day of the (short) month and I have to say that things haven’t gone as well as I’d hoped on the finishing front. I started out with seven UFO’s and at this point I have two that are actual FO’s, mom’s socks and the Fleece Artist mitts. Still unfinished from the original list are:

-the cowl of doom- needs the shoulders taken apart and reseamed and the collar knitting on, I’m going to go with a low roll neck so I think it should just be a few rounds more to knit then the bind off, this will be finished this month

-dad’s socks- I started these on Wednesday at work and I’m almost ready to start the heel so then it’ll be just the heel and leg to do for the pair so these are still a possibility

-the seamless hybrid- about 6 inches of each sleeve are done and they’re not likely to be done in time to knit the yoke and do the finishing before then end of the month (barring an act of God like time standing still or knitting gnomes invading my knitting bag during the night)

-Rutelilje- all the knitting is done so it just needs some ends woven in and the grosgrain ribbon sewn in to hide the cut edges of the steek, this one will be done by the end of the month

-Lady Eleanor- I knew this one wouldn’t get done by the end of the KAL but I did hold to my promise to move it in a forward direction, I have added almost four tiers of rectangles to it this month, can I call that a triumph?

Anyway, lots still to do but I’m getting there at least

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Lynne said...

Keep at it - you'll feel so good when it's done, especially the Lady Eleanor.

Steeking - sounds way too scary to me!