Friday, February 29, 2008

At the Wire

Lucky it is a Leap Year. I needed the extra day to finish up, but the mittens are done and warming the hands of my friend.

These are knit from Knit Picks Elegance, alpaca and silk. The color is lilac, and it took just a bit over two skeins I used 3 mm DPNs. The pattern is from Ann Budd's Handy Book of Patterns, and I modified the thumb to make it less tight (by using the instructions for the next size up).

This may not seem like much, but it clears my slate a bit to return to some bigger sweater WIPs. So March will also be for some additional finishing.


Lynne said...
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Lynne said...

They're gorgeous - it helps that they are in my favourite colour! Your tension is so even - well done!

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